UKM K-Medi Plastinasi was instituted in collaboration with a few departments from the Medical Faculty of UKM such as Anatomy Department, Microbiology & Immunology Department, Parasitology Department, Pathology Department and also Diagnostic Laboratory Services Department.

The range of services offered are :

  • Plastination of cadaver (locally processed at Anatomy Department of UKM)
  • Embalmment of cadaver
  • Supply of imported plastinated specimens from Russia (in collaboration with International Morphology Centre, Russia)
  • Teaching slides (from various disciplines)
  • Microbiology posters and cultures
  • Pap Smear reading (offered to other hospitals)
  • Attachment (related to lab works)
  • Setting up of Anatomy Museum and Lab
  • Diagnostic Laboratories (for private hospitals/labs)

Our distinction lies on our capability of providing medical teaching slides to medical institutions and as well as being the nation’s pioneer in embalmment of cadaver and specimens using the unique plastination methods. Plastination is a technique used in anatomy to preserve body parts and bodies to enable the yielding specimens from decay or smell. Thus, most properties of the original sample are retained. Plastination is useful as an adjunct to anatomical dissection, besides being models and teaching tools.